With shipping deadlines nearing, your 2021 is almost over

As the holiday shipping deadlines close over the next few days, you're bound to see a decrease in the number of shipped orders. Your retail or pick-up orders have a bit longer to go depending on how long you stay open.

That means you're close to the end of the year results-wise.

Most likely there'll be only a trickle of orders remaining. Late holiday shopping, post-holiday orders, gift card redemptions, and if you're B2B the wrapping up fiscal years can all contribute a little bit to 2021 before the new year.

I wouldn't say the final results are in yet, but you should have a pretty good idea of how the last couple of weeks will play out. That means it's time to start evaluating the broad metrics and start planning next year. You can use the 2021 filter in many reports in Repeat Customer Insights to see how things are so far.

Take the time while you're planning to dream about what 2022 could hold.

What if the health crisis fully resolves?

What if shipping was no longer a mess?

What if your early 2020 plans can be restarted anew?

The thing is, the future can hold a lot of surprises. Positive and negative.

Eric Davis

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