Features: Cohort Analysis - Repeat Customer Insights

Summary of the Cohort Analysis

Analyze customers with the cohort analysis to learn how their acquisition date influences their buying behavior.

Learn how their buying lifecycle changes from month-to-month and when they disappear.

Automatic Cohort Analysis

Month-based cohorts
  • Segment customers into their initial cohort month automatically
  • Track cohort buying behavior for their entire lifetime, even years after their first order

Measure behavior from month-to-month

Metrics for single cohort

Measure how customer behavior changes for each cohort from month to month.

  • How many customers ordered
  • How many orders were placed
  • Revenue totals
  • Average Order Value

Graph key cohort metrics

Graph of customers, orders, and revenue for each cohort

Graphs of the cohort metrics can make trends and outliers easier to spot. Find problems and opportunties so you can adjust your marketing in time.

Drill-down into details on each cohort

Drill-down into cohort details
  • Track the important metrics for each cohort (Revenue, Average Order Value, Repeat Purchase Rate)
  • Compare which sources you acquired the customers from
  • Month-by-month details of their metrics
  • Graphs of the cohort metrics over their lifetime

Repeat Customer Insights

Repeat Customer Insights icon

Metrics and growth advice made clear using customer behavior analysis for Consumer Packaged Goods

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