Features: Dealing with Downturns - Repeat Customer Insights

Downturn analysis from Repeat Customer Insights

Help your store prepare and survive downturns by operating more efficently.

Find weak products and variants

Products weak at creating repeat customers
  • Find below average products that aren't creating repeat customers
  • Decide to improve the products, de-prioritize them in your promotions, or discontinue them altogether
  • Make sure your customers are seeing your very best products instead of duds in marketing copy

Measure how long customers take in-between orders

Repeat order timeline
  • Optimize your marketing campaign timing to fit your customer buying behavior
  • Send the right promotions at the right time to save costs

Track which customers should be ordering again soon

Customers who should order again soon
  • Have the system predict when customers are likely to order again
  • Use this segment for your order reminder or replenishment emails

Make sure repeat customers are buying all year

Compare new and repeat customer performance for this year
  • Maintain a healthy balance of new and returning customers throughout the year
  • Protect against ebbs and flows in customer acquisition with steady repeat customer purchases

Repeat Customer Insights

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Metrics and growth advice made clear using customer behavior analysis for Consumer Packaged Goods

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