Features: Integrations - Repeat Customer Insights

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  • Integrated with Shopify since 2016
  • Automatically imports Shopify data and keeps it in sync
  • Approved by Shopify to access protected customer data
  • GDPR supported analysis

Tag customers in Shopify

Customer tagging setting

Automatically add tags to your customers in Shopify based on the customer's segments and other data. Allows integration with other Shopify apps like Klaviyo, Shopify Flow, etc.

Full data and report export

Export your Repeat Customer Insights data
  • Export your analyzed customer data for further analysis or backups
  • Export the majority of the reports in standardized formats (CSV)

Schedule exports automatically

Schedule an automatic export

Schedule an automatic export using the email subscriptions so it's ready when you are.

REST API for deep integrations

API icon

Use the REST-based API to access your analyzed customer data to build your own analysis, tools, or integrations.

Repeat Customer Insights

Repeat Customer Insights icon

Metrics and growth advice made clear using customer behavior analysis for Consumer Packaged Goods

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