Features: Metrics - Repeat Customer Insights

Summary of metrics collected

Metrics are detailed and available to review outside of the reports for further analysis.

Review detailed metrics to see overall performance

Example Average Order Value metric page

Multiple metrics included by default:>/p>

  • Average Latency
  • Average Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Average Order Value (AOV)
  • Average Orders per Customer
  • Average Orders per Month
  • Repeat Purchase Rate (RPR)
  • Repeat Sales Rate
  • Returning Customer Rate

Graphs to spot trends over time and customer acquisition source

Graph segmenting Average Order Value by acquisition source and year
  • Year-by-year
  • Quarter-by-quarter
  • Based on customer acquisition source

Filter by Acquisition Sources

View metrics based on customer acquisition sources
  • Find how Shopify sales channels influence customer behavior.
  • Track a customers initial channel through their lifecycle for multi-channel attribution.
  • Benchmark specific channels to your overall store performance to find strong and weak channels.

Further reports and resources

Example reports and resources for Average Order Value

Each metric includes reports that use the metric, related metrics, or resources about incorporating the metric into your operations.

Repeat Customer Insights

Repeat Customer Insights icon

Metrics and growth advice made clear using customer behavior analysis for Consumer Packaged Goods

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