Shopify Dispatch Issue #450 - WLS radio, Advertising cookies

Issue #450 - May 8th, 2024

WLS - Chicago

Kevin Hillstrom writes about Sears, the WLS radio station, and how Sears was doing Amazon Prime-like tactics over a hundred years ago.

Another everything old is new again moment.

Google’s Cookie Delay Reveals Industry Fears

Armando Roggio reports that Google has pushed back the removal of 3rd party cookies from Chrome again, now back to early 2025.

That gives advertising companies like Google time to work out an alternative tracking system. At the very least it'll let ecommerce companies get through 2024's holiday shopping season without ads completely tanking.

Figure out which sales channels send you the best customers

With the acquisition source analysis, Repeat Customer Insights can show you which sales channels are sending you the best customers.

My articles this week

The cost of bad advice

Use win-back campaigns to remind soon-to-defect customers

Use win-back campaigns to recover your high-value defected customers

Automate data exports from Repeat Customer Insights

Eric Davis

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