An easy way to start with your store analysis is to look at last week

One report in Repeat Customer Insights is highly recommended for new accounts. That's the Monday Morning Metrics.

This report is emailed out every Monday to account subscribers (plus a web version you can review). It summarizes key metrics for your store over the last week.

This report can give you a bit of direction around how your store is performing, even if you don't dig into the more advanced reports in the app.

I'm fond of the list of customers as that's an easy reminder about doing something for your best customers. (I used to have an app that only tracked and reported on that alone).

If you have an account I'd recommend getting familiar and starting that report. Then the more advanced sections of the app can be easier to understand and use.

If you don't have an account yet, you can signup and see your last week automatically on every account level.

Eric Davis

Optimize your promotion timing to save money and attention

Repeat Customer Insights will analyze a ton of customer behavior data for you, including their buying cycles.
If you knew exactly when the majority of your customers were ready to buy again, you can increase your orders and profit just by tweaking your message timing.

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