Analyze how your holiday customer behavior was different

Ah, September.

This has been one of the longest and one of the shortest years ever.

Now would be a good time to start to analyze the customer behavior of last year's holiday shoppers.

Did you have a lot of one-time buyers from the holidays?

How many stuck around and bought again?

Are they still receiving your emails or have they opt-ed out?

Did they spend more than your regular customers during the holidays? Less?

Don't assume holiday customers are the same as your non-holiday customers.

You want to make sure you're planning profitable campaigns this season, so make sure you're looking at how previous holiday customers behaved. Using your metrics from your regular customers (AOV, RPR, ROMI) on your holiday customers might throw off your profitability (in both directions).

If you need help collecting the data, Repeat Customer Insights includes a lot of the data. The Cohort reports will be the best way to compare the holiday shopper's behavior.

Eric Davis

Get a snapshot of your customer behavior

The sooner you signup for Repeat Customer Insights, the more comparison points your store will have. Each 1st of a the month a new snapshot is taken and saved to your account for analysis.

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