Create your first customer segment in 3 minutes using Shopify

There are hundreds and thousands of ways to segment your customers.

Today you're going to learn about one of the simpler ones. But don't think because it's simple that it's not powerful.

  1. Go to your Shopify admin panel and visit your Customers section.

  2. Click the Last Order column so it's sorted from newest to oldest.

  3. Look at the 10 customers at the top.

Shopify Recency Segment

That's it. You've segmented your customers.

This segment is called Recency and represents the customers who have ordered from you the most recent.

It's a simple segment but it's also powerful. Customers who have recently ordered from you:

All of these combined can paint a favorable picture of your brand in their minds.

The one downside of the Recency segment is that you can't market to them with too heavy of buy messages because they just recently bought from you. That's why you need to combine Recency with other segmenting.

Eric Davis

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