The segment of customers who just can't get enough

Last time we looked at one simple way to segment your customers, by Recency.

The problem with Recency is that you have to be careful marketing buy messages to them because they recently bought from you.

But if you wait too long to market to them, they'll age out (leave) the Recency segment.

So you need a different segment to use with your strong buy messages. Ideally these customers would be willing and able to buy your products.

  1. Go to your Shopify admin panel and visit your Customers section.

  2. Click the Orders column so it's sorted from highest to lowest (you might need to click it twice)

  3. Look at the 10 customers at the top.

Shopify Frequency

This segment is called Frequency and represents the customers who have ordered from you the most times. These are also your repeat customers.

It's a simple segment but it's also powerful. Customers who have recently ordered from you:

These customers are ideal for buy messages, especially if you position those messages as "for VIPs only" or add exclusivity.

Eric Davis

P.S. Since we're only looking at the top 10 customers, you might have noticed a name or two that appear in both segments. Jot those customers down because they are highly valuable, or better yet: write that customer a simple thank you email right now. Here's a quick sample one if you need an idea.

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