Discover your store's weaknesses: automatic metric drop-off detection added to Repeat Customer Insights

When you're looking at the steps a repeat customer takes in your Shopify store, it can be time consuming to calculate and compare the Average Order Value and Repeat Purchase Rate changes.

Repeat Customer Insights now includes metric drop-of detection for Average Order Value and Repeat Purchase Rate

Now Repeat Customer Insights includes automatic drop-off detection for your Average Order Value and Repeat Purchase Rate between orders from repeat customers.

This means if the app detects more than a 20% drop in your Average Order value or Repeat Purchase Rate, it will flag that and give you recommendations on how to improve it.

If you're an existing customer, just login to the app and you should see any of your metrics that have been flagged by the drop-off detector. I'm already calculating it for you so there's nothing for you to do.

If you're not a customer of Repeat Customer Insights yet, install the app and once your store has been imported you too will be able to see any drop-offs in your AOV or RPR (along with a dozen other repeat customer metrics).

If you're not sure if Repeat Customer Insights is valuable enough to you, signup below and I'll teach you more about the repeat customer metrics that are included in the app.

Refine your automated marketing campaigns with better timing

When building any automated marketing campaign that sends messages over time, you need to know how long the campaign should be and how long to delay the messages. The Customer Purchase Latency metrics calculated by Repeat Customer Insights can help you figure out that timing.

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