Have you contacted your customers recently?

As a rule of thumb, you should be contacting a customer at least once every 30 days.

The best method is an email newsletter but you can also (physical) mail them or call them.

Less than that and they'll start to forget about you. Especially if you're in an industry with high levels of contact from competitors (e.g. fashion, beauty, nutrition).

Some customers will remember you without a contact and some might have annual buying habits, but going longer than 30 days runs the risk of losing them. Behavior-wise, the only thing better than a recent contact is a recent order. That's why the RFM algorithm in Repeat Customer Insights values recency so highly.

Start contacting your customers. If you're not emailing, start now. It's much easier to run a business with repeat customers than to always be trying to find new ones and paying the ad-machine.

Eric Davis

See how the month a customer orders will change their behavior

Repeat Customer Insights will automatically group your customers into cohorts based on when they first purchased. This will let you see how the date customers bought would impact their behavior.

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