Monitor your most important customer cohorts

With the new ability to subscribe to specific cohorts using email in Repeat Customer Insights, it opens up a lot of ways to monitor your customer's performance. For example:

Typical Shopify store with spikes in the winter holiday season

Subscribe to the November and December cohorts each year. Then watch how long it takes for them to come back and buy again, compare their repurchase rate to regular customers, etc.

Launch a major rebranding

Subscribe to the cohort before, the cohort 12 months before, and the cohort the rebranding was launched. Compare their Month 1, Month 2, and Month 3 performance to see if the rebranding is working with new customers compared to the past.

Start a new sales channel

Subscribe to the current cohort and next month's cohort. Watch what sales channels are acquiring customers to compare the new channel to the existing channels.

Offer subscription products on non-monthly schedules

Subscribe to the current cohort and watch for subscriptions that renew on-time.

While you could always have done these analyses in the app, now with the email subscriptions the exact reports can be sent right to you. Park them in a folder or download them and you can easily go through them by time.

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