RFM to analyze subscription customers

Analyzing subscription customers with RFM can make customer segmenting quite easy.

For awhile now I've been using RFM to analyze the stores using Repeat Customer Insights. e.g. how recently they've paid a subscription invoice, how long they've been subscribed, how much they've spent.

There's definitely a clear group of long-term loyal customers, some steady bedrock customers, and others who are showing potential. It wouldn't be difficult to add on some marketing automation to work with each segment differently if I felt like it.

The recurring nature of subscription payments works really well with RFM to see the different segments of customers. Subscription payments get analyzed along-side one-time orders by the RFM algorithm and gives you a nice view of how the customer performs.

If you want your customers analyzed with RFM, Repeat Customer Insights will automatically pull their data from Shopify and perform all of the analyses for you.

Eric Davis

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