Same email subject, different day

Every few weeks this email breezes by my email inbox.

Subject: Eric, people are looking at your LinkedIn profile

And every time I have the same reaction...

"Tell them to stop staring"

Jokes aside, LinkedIn could improve their subject lines with only a bit of effort. They have all the data, so why not use it?

Subject: Eric, a director of ecommerce operations and 30 other people looked at your LinkedIn profile

Subject: Eric, four CEOs looked at your LinkedIn profile

Subject: Eric, a Shopify store looking for a Shopify developer just looked at your LinkedIn profile

etc, etc

To learn from this, take a look at the subject lines you send to your customers.

Are you using words and phrases they care about? Are you giving them a reason to care or even open the email?

Even if you aren't using personalization, there's a lot you can do with subject lines and they are often under-optimized.

Another important aspect of email marketing it getting the timing right. Not just what time to send your emails but how long you should wait between them.

Inside of Repeat Customer Insights is a Customer Purchase Latency report that can help find out how long to delay your more sales-oriented emails.

For example, if it tells you the majority of second purchases happen after 38 days, you'll want to time your sales email based on that. Maybe start with a product recommendation on day 37 and end with a discount on day 42.

Eric Davis

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