Spending resources on the areas that matter the most to customers

Repeat Customer Insights has had a lot of features and reports added over the years.

Enough that different customers use different reports for different purposes.

That's caused me to start thinking about how to better understand which reports contribute the most value to customers. Once I know that, I can prioritize my resources on those reports which will have the largest positive impact on customers.

This is a standard optimization process for most businesses, though the details will change from industry to industry and business to business.

For Shopify stores this would be done by looking at which products are the best sellers and which produce the best customers. Those products should get the majority of your marketing, conversion, and optimization resources.

That's what the First Product Analysis in Repeat Customer Insights can help you find, which products create the customers who spend the most over their lifetime.

It's simple in concept but can have a lot of leverage behind it.

Eric Davis

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