When is your Shopify store sending too much email?

I was emailing with a customer about email marketing and how much is too much:

Do you have any opinions on how much is too much email? I mean, won't customers feel that you are being pushy if you email them too much?

It all depends on your subscribers and email content.

Jilt has a pretty good summary of a lot of studies, the one I like is from Zettasphere which showed 6 emails a week was optimal based on their data. They also give you a way to figure out the best option for you, but it'll require a large list.

But the vast majority of stores (and small businesses) don't send enough emails. Very few stores are are sending too much email.

You'll start to get negative responses when you're gone over into the pushy category. If you start seeing 0.5% to 1% of people complaining, you're probably doing too much or your content is causing problems.

That's complaints though, not unsubscribes. Unsubscribes just show you people aren't interested, don't intend to buy, or are trying to manage their own email.

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